Honeymoon phase 

“That phase where everything is so good. So passionate.  Where the arguments are cute.  So y’all don’t get irritated with each other.  Where there is more laughter And a lot of understanding.  A lot of teasing.  A lot of kissing.  Where y’all can’t get your hands off each other.  Or thinking about each other.  Where compliments … More Honeymoon phase 


I realise my double standards lie in the fact that I really crave intimacy so passionately but at the same time my fear of commitment is so high that I am compelled to feel like a hypocrite.  But I think it’s a process. A process of introspection and seeing what is it that you’re afraid … More Introspection 

Dear boy 

“Dear boy, I want to light up your life with my fire.  Dear boy, I want you to moan my name in every breath.  I want to consume you the whole of you till you’re left dry.  Dear boy, I want to make love till the sun comes up and again till we see the … More Dear boy 


Is not the bodies that I miss. You can always seek pleasure anywhere. That’s the easy part to get sex to fill your appetite. To satisfy your craving for lust. To feel a warm body next to you so you don’t feel lonely anymore.  But you don’t get emotional because if you get attached then … More Intimacy 


“My soul was hungry till he fed me I am open book so he read me.  You think I want your body? I’m deeper than than that, I want what keeps you alive.  But he was afraid and I could feel his void.  I could feel his pain and I understood he was so scared.  … More Release

Not hiding

He told me I have a great body.  I whispered, “No, I don’t have a great body. Just So many flaws.” He didn’t hear me. I didn’t repeat myself.  I held my breathe and thought to my self, “fuck Natasha, you’re still not over this.” Other than the fact that it’s hard for me to … More Not hiding