Still Beautiful

Today’s Mondays get real post. Standing and sitting. Both me. Both a difference of 5 mins. Both are beautiful. . Sometimes we get so caught up on social media’s perfections, that we think something’s wrong with us. Honestly nothing is. Our mind gets in the habit of criticising ourself a bit too much in the … More Still Beautiful


Today let’s talk about my other insecurity. I’ve always hated my body. There’s nothing new there. This time it’s, My boobs. Damn, I hated them so much for the longest time. I’ve needed to wear a bra since I was 11. My breasts are always the first thing that enters the room followed by my … More Boobs

Be you!

Everyone in society “Log kya kahenge?” Every artist “logon ka kaam hain kehna” I have realised that people will pull you down, tear you apart and want the worst out of you… these could be your friends, family or a random person on the street. Because sadly this human nature. It doesn’t matter who you … More Be you!