Soulful Happiness      


So this is a blog that I’m starting to share my yoga journey. People constantly ask me,”What keeps you motivated?”
I reply saying,”I love what i do! I want to inspire! and I want to make a change not in any small way BUT have a huge bloody impact on people to give them the BELIEF that NO MATTER WHAT, the world has a limit but the galaxy’s limitless. SO BELIEVE and WORK YOUR BUTT OFF, because if you put your HEART and head to it ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”

I’m a Dancer by heart, Photographer by hobby, Writer by habit and I practice Yoga because it gives my soul happiness. Hopefully my blogs give you some sort of inspiration and motivates you to either get on your mat, eat healthy or just brings a smile on your face.

If you want to follow me.I constantly upload pictures of yoga on my Instagram : natashanoel001
Practice daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.

Much love,

Natasha Noel


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Happy to see the…Journey of your yoga love !
    I m a Yoga trainer , so happy to see your thoughts about changing our life with help of yoga ! Really Good !


  2. Amazing! I do yoga regularly, but the photographs, I have seen today, really inspires youngsters. Looking forward to be in touch with you.


  3. Hello Nats till date i was doing the wrong cat pose, till i learned happy cat and angry posture from you. Thank you. Could you please post a video on Surya Namakar with the breath movement in your next video. It would be really wonderful if you have one posed soon. Keep smiling.


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