And then, I’ll watch you leave. 

The first time you said you love me 

I cringed. 

I felt like a turtle going back in it’s shell. 

I crumpled into my body because how can you love me? 

When I look at myself I see what you see. You see a strong, sarcastic, independent woman. 

Who is opinionated and will tell you when she wants to fuck and how she wants to fuck. 
And That excites you. 

That makes you believe I am different from the “other girls” who cringe when they even hear the word ‘blowjob.’ 

But I give it to you without flinching. 
You find me dangerous because I’m intoxicating. 
I cringe because you see that I am so fierce but you have no idea how broken I am. 

You have no idea how vulnerable I am. 

How afraid I am. 
And I will never show you that side because you will be overwhelmed by my passion. 
So I allow you to taste what you think is my strength and feel aroused by my wildness but I know once you feel my brokenness you will be sacred and leave just like the rest. 
So use me till you are bored. Till you find someone else that will exhilarate your soul. Because I know you will feel I am too much. 

Because you will be tired of me. 

Because you will feel I am a hurricane. 

And I will completely destroy you. 
And then, I’ll watch you leave. 💙

Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏 


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