Why ruin it with love? 

She wore a dress. A backless dress, 

Showing off her 

Her chocolate skin, smooth like butter. 

Where I wanted to trace my fingers on her spine. 

The green dress fell so beautifully on her curves. 

I couldn’t help but stare. 

Her long black hair like thick forest bringing out the wild warrior in her yet showing her femininity. 

Her hazel eyes twinkling even brighter when she smiled. 
If you asked me

If I prefer a singer or a dancer? 

 I would tell you if I watch a person sway their hips I would know how they would move in bed but if I hear them sing I can feel how they are going to make love. 
She sings like a hummingbird so beautiful that every time she warbled I would orgasm. 
I still can’t understand why. 

I think it’s the passion in which she sings. 

I think it’s the way the words come out of her lips,

So sweet, 

So melodious, 

Like she cast a spell upon me. 

Like there is so much love inside of her waiting to engulf me. 

So much intensity that my body wants to be one with hers, 

So I orgasm, I guess. 
I fall for souls rather than faces. 

And boy, she is all soul! 
I walked up to her. 

Shy and more awkward than my usual self and stuttered “You…you’re gorgeous, you know.”
She smiled and kissed my cheek and said “thank you, sweetie.”
I blushed. 

I could feel my cheeks warm and I didn’t move. 
She knew. 
She told me to come over at her place. 

And I was so nervous. 

I hadn’t had sex with another woman in so long. 

And I liked this girl.

I Really liked this girl… for months now.  

And I was so scared because she was so real. 

And it’s been so long that I’ve been with anything real. 

So I convinced my self to just go for it because I haven’t done anything ‘fun’ or ‘spontaneous’ since my last relationship. 

(Wait my last relationship was almost 4 years back and for 5 years long. So I haven’t had any ‘fun’ ever with another human.)
We were sitting on her floor. 

I was nervous. 

I could feel my heart pound out of my chest. 

I could feel that sweat trickling down my back. 

She rolled a joint and asked me if I wanted to smoke. 

I readily agreed because I wanted something to calm my nerves. 
So I smoked the weed. 

Allowing myself to feel free. 

Imagining me holding her hand touching her soft skin. 
I looked at her inhaling her cigarette as her lips pressed against the bud I wished my lips were gently pressed against hers. 
I looked away trying to calm my lust. Hoping my cheeks didn’t turn pink. 
We didn’t know how time past by. 

We spoke. 

All we did was speak. 

We spoke from 4 am to 130 in the afternoon. 

We spoke about everything under the stars and sun. 

And it was magical. 

Mental orgasms and laughter were shooting though the roof. 

Where we physically didn’t even touch. 
Well, except for the thumb fight, yes thumb fight… I know. 

She saw I got competitive and she grinned. 

She allowed to win all three times and she liked that I got feisty about it. 


I awkwardly blushed. 
It was afternoon I didn’t want to leave. She didn’t want me to. 

But I had to. 

I didn’t want to get attached.

I didn’t want to get emotional. 

I didn’t want to fall in love. 

Because I’m scared to get my heart broken again. 
And if we are having something magnificent, then why ruin it with love? 
Read full poem on blog called “Why ruin it with love.”

Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏 


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