Honeymoon phase 

“That phase where everything is so good. So passionate. 

Where the arguments are cute. 

So y’all don’t get irritated with each other. 

Where there is more laughter

And a lot of understanding. 

A lot of teasing. 

A lot of kissing. 

Where y’all can’t get your hands off each other. 

Or thinking about each other. 

Where compliments will be showering in. 

Where the sex is like fireworks. 


Two bodies exploding as one

Where you don’t have to fake your orgasms

Because now y’all can read each other’s bodies. 

Know every quiver, every moan and ever sigh!

Y’all together moving in magic. 

Making love. 

Not fucking. 

There’s a difference you know. 

The Honeymoon phase, just before love attacks. Enjoy it while it lasts.”- Natasha noel
New poem up on blog it’s called “honey moon phase” ❤️ 
Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏 


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