Is not the bodies that I miss. You can always seek pleasure anywhere. That’s the easy part to get sex to fill your appetite. To satisfy your craving for lust. To feel a warm body next to you so you don’t feel lonely anymore. 
But you don’t get emotional because if you get attached then what’s the point of a hook up? 
It’s not the bodies that I miss. It’s the intimacy that I crave for. It’s being held by someone and knowing that they will never let you go. It’s that feeling of protection. Of laughing. Of talking about everything under the sun and stars. The feeling of being wanted. The feeling of being heard. They feeling of trust. That feeling of being unapologetically you without having to pretend to be anyone or anything but your authentic self. 
That feeling like you can curl up in their soul and that their love, like a blanket, will always keeps you warm. Intimacy is what I miss. 


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