Dear girl

Dear girl,
I know he says the right things and makes you feel special, not like the other boys. Because he listens for a change. He pays attentions to the small details. Because he makes the effort in his actions to make you feel like you’re the best god damn thing on this planet. And guess what? YOU ARE! And that is the best feeling ever, I know. 

But dear child never forget to take care of yourself in this process. Never forget that you need to love yourself. Because even if one day, god forbid, he falls out of love with you or you with him, you know you can survive. You will survive this world because you’re a bloody Phoenix and out of the ashes YOU will rise more powerful than ever before. But you got to take care of yourself. 

Understand this strong one, that a relationship should never constraint you or suffocate you. It should nourish you. It should light up your soul. Love should not hurt like you want to kill your self. Love should not hurt like you’re putting salt on an open wound. Love should not hurt, gentle one 

Instead, Love should be freeing. Love should be divine. Love should make y’all better people, together. 

That’s why my Phoenix, love yourself so fully that you can never settle for half loves or broken promises. 

Love yourself so much that you find the strength everyday to take care of yourself. And just a little more to be kinder to yourself. 

So allow love to enter you, dear girl, allow it to heal your pain. 

Love yourself so fiercely darling because no one can ever love you as much as you love yourself. 

From a girl learning to fill herself with love. 

New poem up in blog it’s called “Dear Girl”
Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏 


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