Love, well not the romantic kind. 


Love is such a powerful emotion and if you truly allow love to fill your soul. You will begin to heal. 
But I feel we get lost in the whole romantic idea of love. We get so fixed on to that notion that only when we find a partner will be truly be happy. I don’t know if it’s because of the books we read or the movies we see or even the advertisements on television or billboards. However, we are conditioned to think that happiness lies in finding a soul mate. 
Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not at all bashing people in relationships or even condemning relationships I believe that your partner is your mirror and there can be tremendous growth and healing for both the humans in the relationship. And together y’all can reach higher spiritual consciousness and experience deep, passionate love if y’all are willing to explore and learn. 
But what I’m trying to say is ‘that’ will happen when It needs to. Till then you CAN STILL love life. You must realise there are so many people that currently DO love you. Your parents, your friends, your family your dog or cat or maybe even horse. And this is something we tend to forget. Because we are so transfixed in the idea that ‘we must be in a realationship’, to feel love, we forget that we are ALREADY. 
Enjoy your life like a child. Be curious. Be adventurous. Look at your fears with gusto and punch them in the face. Love yourself so much that you won’t even feed others half loves and half promises. More importantly love the humans that love you. You are loved my child, you are deeply loved. 


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