Be a good human both online and in your real life as well.

Don’t blame anyone or anything for your circumstances. Shit happens, and shit will always happen. But guess what? Life goes on. You can chose to dwell in your self hate and negativity or do whatever it is in your power to upgrade how you think. Listen, you lived in self loathing for so long, did it bring you any happiness? Any joy? Any peace of mind? Or did it just make you a more bitter person? So why not start being kind to yourself?  Why not accept and  love yourself fully for wherever you are today. In your body, in this magnificent journey called life. You’re the only one  in charge of your thoughts, your words and your actions. Set good intentions and do good. Not only online but in your real life as well. 💙
 Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏


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