“Out of everything I’ve learnt in life,

I’ve learnt to still smile. 

No matter what or who brings you down. 

No matter your fears,

Or your insecurities,

No matter the torment you feel inside you. 

People will want to pull you down,

No other work they have in life. 

There are people who get immense pleasure in seeing you fail.

In seeing you fall over and over again. 

They can break everything down but not your sprits. 

Don’t allow them to. 

Don’t allow them to control you. 

Don’t give them the power to. 

Don’t ever let them take away your smile .

Don’t ever let them take YOU. 

Understand this my love

You are only in charge of your emotions and relations. 

You cannot control another.

So why you want to ruin your peace because of their negativity? 

You do you! 
So darling, hold your head high and smile. 

You are divinity in creation. “-Natasha Noel
New post up on blog it’s called “Smile.”

Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏


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