You won’t be heartbroken forever. The day will come when you feel a sense of relief when you’re not attached to someone who broke you. The pain and emptiness will only make you stronger, wiser and kinder. 
You may not see it now because you want to be held in their arms or be kissed on your lips by them. And you just want them. Because that was comfort. You will remember all your happy moments spent together and then cry your eyes out, till you feel barren. 
Nostalgia creeping in, the pain from an old would. And you’ll have an unhealthy fixation with it.  Because nostalgia is a better sweet emotion of not the strong memory itself but a feeling of a place we ache to go back again. But then you start feeling numb. 
 Then the agonizing reminiscence will start to creep in. The ones in which you felt the torment from them as you felt the love fading away. After a while, maybe months, years or decades you will get tired. And you won’t hold on any longer because you finally believe you deserve better. Because love is not supposed to hurt this much. 
Darling, you are not unlovable. You are worthy of evey fiber of love to mend your soul. Yes, love begins with you. But that doesn’t mean you become so guarded and hard that you do not give another person a chance. How long are you going to protect that gentle heart of yours? Sweetness, become broken you will find the strength and courage to love again and maybe, just maybe it will be magical. But you must believe. 
Trust the process, trust yourself. You are capable of loving and more importantly of being loved. 💙

 Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏


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