“You know how to touch her without touching her. 

You touch her in ways she could never. 

She wants you to drink from her springs,

Trail through her mountain tops 

And take shelter in her caves.

As your fingers are making its way to discover more of her. 

She cannot help but moan,

Earthquakes start quivering inside of her,

Till tsunamis exploded. 

And it took you by surprise. 

You didn’t expect the pungent waterfall gushing through. 
You smiled.

She could feel your excitement. 

Which brought out the wild woman in her. 

Fellatio and cunnlinglis followed soon after. 

Bodies beating and breathing as one. 

In merriment, 

both souls knowing what home feels like, 

in each others inhalation and exhalation​.”- Natasha noel
This is a different ending of yesterday’s poem. This one’s called ‘Home’. Which one do y’all prefer? ‘Double standards'(Yesterday’s post) or ‘Home’. I want to know! ☺
Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏


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