I am alone not lonely. There is a difference. 

​I get asked a lot “Why are you always alone? 

Everywhere you travel you go alone. You eat meals alone. You go to movies alone. You do everything alone!”


The answer’s actually quite simple. There is a difference between being alone and in being lonely. I am in fact quite secure being by myself and I genuinely enjoy my own company.
You can be happy while you are alone. The same can’t be said for being lonely.
Being alone is being so consumed with oneself that you smile or laugh for no reason.

Loneliness makes you want to find distractions to free yourself from it.

Loneliness is the feeling of being disconnected. But being alone is connecting with oneself.
Loneliness is depending on someone else for happiness whereas being alone is finding your own happiness.
I love some spending time with myself, able to hear my own thoughts, read, paint, write, laugh, dance, feel and just experience each moment with myself.

Enhancing myself. 

Exploring and understanding myself. Making my intuition stronger, working on my passions, abilities and simply growing. 
There is nothing wrong with being alone when you truly love yourself, only then when you have partner, the love you can provide will be pure and will not come from a space of insecurity. There won’t be a need to cling on to the person for validation or you settling for something you don’t deserve. Since your self love will be so strong, you will realise in the core of your being and in every fiber of your bone, you are worth the galaxy and beyond. 
 There are too many broken humans wearing adult skin and trying to find that happiness,love and peace in another. Me, I’m learning to find that within my own existence.

Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏
Location: Pine forest in maussorri, hosted by @JwmarriotMaussorri

Photography: Shreya

#JWMussoorie #EscapeToTheHills #ReasonsToVisitMussoorie


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