“When people ask me ‘how can you write so much, where do you get the inspiration from?’

To which my answer is simple

My body had been through more pain than it should

Pain I convert into poetry. 

I write them with the blood from my wounds.

I write about the scars that don’t fade. 

I write about the love I want but find so difficult to accept because…

 I was told no one would ever love me by my rapist. 

I write about my mental anguish.

I write about my mother. 

I write how I never want to be like her. 

That I wouldn’t do what she did. 

But the self loathing thoughts are so strong,

That I keep looking at the knife…
My mind is never at peace.

I still see dead people walking. 

The voices gets louder. 

The emptiness slowly engulfing me

Everything is just chaotic. 
But I write.

I write so I can release. 

I write so I can feel again. 

I write so my mind doesn’t take over. 

I write so i don’t go crazy. 

I write because it’s catharsis.
There are tsunamis​ inside of me, but the water I turn into words.”- Natasha noel

Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏


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