Why do you need to hide?

​I was uncomfortable. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am much more comfortable with my body, now.

And I’m learning to love it with all its flaws, bumps, marks, scars, handles and bloats and for what people think is imperfection is freedom to me. 

But I was not comfortable showing my body to someone else. 

For allowing them to taste my essence. 

After all these years, I was scared. 

I was happy the lights were off.

I was happy he didn’t want to remove the layers of my clothes. 

But I was uncomfortable. 

Being naked and giving my soul, 

Being authentic comes naturally​ to me.

I didn’t want him to see the whole of me. To feel the physical whole. 

I was happy the lights were off,

I was happy it was cold.

So the layers were on so he couldn’t feel my flesh against his. 

We close our eyes to feel more. 

We close out eyes to escape. 

We close our eyes to be the magic melody we cannot sing. 

We engulfed each other,

Till our moans became one. 

Morning also came…

He kissed me and stared at me with his gaze transfixed in my eyes. 

“I want to see the whole of you”, he said. 

I told him, “darkness is better.”

He asked me, “why?”

I said “so I can hide. Because you won’t find me beautiful in the sun.”

He said, “you are a breath of fresh air, sweetness.

You are creature of the wild. 

 I want to feel your gentle heart pound against my chest. 

I want to look into your eyes and make sweet love to you. 

I want to see you. 

I want to hear you shiver when you’ve reached your pinnacle.

I want you to reach your peak,

Over and over again. 

I want to see your whole body vibrate. 

I want to feel you inside me. 

I want to hold you skin to skin

Race my figures through your back and consume the whole of you. 

I want to see you in the light, Evey fiber of your being. 

 Every corner which you think is dark,

Every crack of your soul. 

And I want to pour it with my love. 

And fix all of your brokenness. 

Fix all of the emptiness

Because you’re my home.”

He’s said, “You are a masterpiece created by the divine, why do you need to hide?”- Natasha noel

Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏

Location: Pine forest Mussoorie, hosted by The Jw Marriott

Photography Shreya


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