Allow It

​Dear Goddess,

You don’t need one day to be reminded your worth. 

Your spectacular EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

(However, this is just a gentle reminder of how strong you are.)

You are divinity. 

You have the power to create.

You have the power to heal. 

You are gentle but also fierce. 

Be a woman other women can trust. 

Have the courage to tell another woman when she has offended, hurt or dissappointed you. 

Successful women have a loyal gang of warriors ALONG SIDE them. 

Not haters. 

Not backstabbers or women who whisper behind their backs. 

Be a woman who lifts other women.

Take time for your self. 

Read, write, listen to music, go for a run,be with nature. Nature always heals. I guess that’s why we call it ‘mother’ earth because the feminine energy is that powerful to give and heal.

 So take out time for you and give yourself the love you need.

Dear gentleman,

Don’t respect the female gender only on one day. Humans should be respected because of their actions not because of their sex. 

Chilavery is never dead. 

You can open the door for someone, BECAUSE you are a genuine soul.  Because you have kindness oozing out of you. It doesn’t matter sex age, cast,creed or religion to be a ‘gentle wo/man ‘ you do it because you’re a nice human being. Treat another soul, how you would be treated. 

Humans, help each other, be kind to one another, uplift each other because hating one another has got us no where. So why not try love? You are a fire cracker of love just waiting to explode. Allow it. 

Photo credits Shreya

Location: Jw Marriott, @jwmussoori


 #EscapeToTheHills #ReasonsToVisitMussoorie


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