My Tradition

They say I’m not traditional because I show too much skin.

My hair is chopped off. 

My hair is coloured. 

Not mehandi colour or the usual red

But  candy floss pink! 

I talk too loud.

I curse too much. 

I give back to people when it’s needed

I fight for my rights.

I fight for people’s rights. 

I don’t know how to cook. 

Or make a proper cup of tea.

My chapatti’s know no discrimination.

It is anything but round! 

I intemidate men because I have opinions. 

I daunt humans because I have character. 

I frighting because I am living my dreams. 

So I am not traditional.

Little do these people know tradition is merged in my being like Shiva to shakti. 

Tradition is not the skin you show or your sexuality.

Tradition is not your age or the number of people you dated or you fornicated with. 

My tradition  has been passed down from my grandmothers to mothers,

As they oiled our hair and braided it. 

And told us stories of us women being warriors. 

Of fighting for what is right. 

 My tradition is  

Our heritage is to Inspire. 

My tradition is being a good person

My tradition is being kind. 

My tradition sees beyond cast, colour, religion, nationality and creed. 

My tradition is love. 

How you love yourself. 

How you love others. 

My tradition is following your dreams. 

My tradition is working day and night in achieving those dreams. 

My tradition is being a better version of yourself. 

 My tradition is forgiveness. 

Forgiving yourself because hate will not heal you. 

Forgiving others because it’s time to let go of the pain. 

Yes, I am very traditional and I’m proud of my ethnicity! 

-Natasha noel


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