People assume it’s so nice to have breasts but don’t understands the amount of clothes you need to wear only so that how people won’t stare at you like you are a price of meat ready to be savaged even if your wearing a shirt six times your size. 
It’s uncomfortable. 

The stares the looks. 

Let’s get it straight I have  mammary glands and I am heavenly blessed since I was a teenager. But it never has been easy when you are a girl and everyone looks at you like a woman to be consumed. So I learnt to cover up. Cover up my breasts, cover up my insecurities, cover up the shame of being a woman.  

I used to wear two sports bra just so that my breasts would be in place. I tried Nike sports bras were the only bras that gave me support because my boobs are constantly at war. And one boob wants to go to Mexico while the other to Srilanka. So only Nike bras could keep them together. BUT I never could afford Nike and that’s how I managed.. wearing two bras. 
I was very conscious about my breasts because they are genetically big the naturally go down to my knees. I always wanted them smaller so that wouldn’t be the first thing someone noticed while I walked into a room. 

I guess that’s why running was difficult for me in the beginning. Other than being lazy and having asthma. But the fact that no one runs on the road. Yes, people walk but running is alien. And me, a woman with breasts running will get a storm of unwanted attention. 
I wore a t shirt and a jacket on top just so that no one would notice the jiggling. 

I’ve always loathed my breasts, my body. 

Constantly being the reason for the un-needed attention where you couldn’t just walk down the street without being cat called. 
But once my understanding arose that my body is just a vessel to which my soul resides. My body is my home to where I nurture love and kindness. That breasts, ass, thighs, skin are just body parts. And I rather accept and love my body the way it is. With breasts or no breasts. Than keep hating it for other people’s conditioning and abuse on my body. It’s not my body’s fault. It’s the fault of the minds of hungry anamalistic humans that need to change. 
I believe whatever you are doing, your intention should be pure. Nothing else matters.
So women and men!


Be healthy 

Do better 

It’s okay if you’re well endowed or not. It’s okay if you have jelly Belly. Or if your ribs are showing.  It’s okay if your breasts, ass things arms have cellulite, it’s okay if your stretch marks are visible. It’s okay if you can only see bones on legs and don’t like your thigh gap. It’s okay if you don’t have a thigh gap. It’s all bloody okay! 
It’s okay. 

Please, love your body. Be happy where you are AND work toward bettering yourself. Nurture your body with love and kindness and that is how you start feeling peace from within. Forget people’s or societies preconceived notion on the ideal body. That will keep on changing. YOU need to be healthy! You need to be happy! 
Also remember, YOU ARE ART! 
Practice daily. Stay safe. Stay humble. 


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