Being a child

Do you feel when you know were smaller, life was so much easier.?All you had to do was eat and sleep and no worry about anything else? Okay, pooping was priority and taking a shower. But we took life as in came. We ate mud or chalk and still had an amazing immune system… sometimes.


We took chances. We dived into danger and danced with our fears.

Whatever happened we would run into things, fall down, get bruised but still continued playing. We believed. If we would have given up the first time we feel while trying to walk, we wouldn’t be able to run today. We kept going for it.

But then what happened?

Did we take growing up so seriously that we allowed ourselves to feel numb? Did the broken hearts or the jobs we lost, or death, our minds, or rejection after rejection and life never getting easier just taint us and made us so hard? That now we are a bunch of grown-ups with a pretense of a strong exterior but we are so insecure inside… so broken. 

Be the child again. Believe in yourself.  Believe in innocence. Believe in life. Believe in hope. Believe in the power of your dreams and approach everything like your inner child would. Don’t be afraid.

Yes, your heart has been broken. Yes, you know what pain feels like but for how long are you going to not do things just so that you won’t get hurt?

Stop being scared.

Do things because your heart sings the melody of freedom.  Do things that excite you and even if you fail keep trying. Yes, you might be embarrassed, yes the feeling of rejection is drowning but you know what, you tried!

And because you were persistent in chasing your dreams you are closer than you were yesterday.

Don’t be afraid. Let your inner child run free.

 Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤

 Much love😊🙏

Photography credits Meghna Bhalla 



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