​If you’re physically active in your life, exertion can take place while walking, running and playing; which will makes us feel tired and less energetic. This is mainly due to loss of energy and sweat.

Sweat contains a mix of water and electrolytes (salts) such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride. Unfortunately by drinking water alone we do not replace salts and energy but only decrease our sensation of thirst while stimulating urine production.

While the benefits of exercising are numerous, it’s still essential for the body to make up for the lost energy and sweat. The body needs to stay hydrated at all times otherwise it may result in dizziness, muscle cramps or fatigue.

Drinking a well-balanced mix of water, glucose, sucrose and salts enable us to replace sweat and restore energy. By drinking Enerzal, a balanced energy drink, we facilitate re – hydration by restoring water, energy and salts.


Enerzal, in addition to sodium has potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride. These salts help in better hydration, recovery, prevent muscle cramps and fatigue. 

It is my go to drink whenever I need to restore my lost energy and prevent exhaustion due to work overload. Apart from its many health benefits, it tastes good too.

For instance, on Friday I had slept only for an hour and got up early, took my classes and was already exhausted. I had a packet of Enerzal because I needed energy to continue since I had a power packed day ahead.

I could function normally, yes, I was a little sleepy but I was still capable of doing other tasks because of the extra effort of the energy drink. And it helped me survive my day and additionally I could do 20 minutes of stairs in the night as my personal workout, having already done 50 ‘Surya Namaskar’ in the morning. It gave me that extra edge that I needed and I slept like a baby in the night.

And I can choose from two of my favourite flavours – Lime and orange. On days when I don’t feel like tasting the tangy taste of orange, the Lime flavoured Enerzal comes to my rescue. 

So all of us who are obsessed with their daily workout regimen, here’s what I have to say –

Exercise daily, replenish your energy and stay hydrated!


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