Befriend your fears

We put ourselves through so much stress, anxiety, and mental anguish because we dwell on negative possibilities that aren’t actually happening! It’s a case of an overactive imagination being used for ill, not good. We would save ourselves a lot of suffering if we could stop our minds from dwelling on the most horrible “what ifs” we can come up with.
 I admit that I used to be a master of dwelling on what could go wrong, how I might screw up, and how circumstances would conspire against me. And I paid a high price: a complete lack of mental peace, an inability to enjoy the present moment, high levels of stress and anxiety, difficulty experiencing quality rest, and more. Constantly expecting the worst can also take a toll on your relationships, your ability to trust and collaborate with others, and even your physical health.

Most people never stop to observe their thoughts. And they never stop to ponder that their thoughts could be wrong.
Why give your thoughts all that authority if they make you feel bad?
Fear of failure is something everyone faces at one point or another. This isn’t the end of the world, but the beginning of an amazing journey.
The sooner you befriend your fear, the faster you can keep moving forward. It is not fear that stops you from going after your dreams, but what you decide to do because of those fears.
You can reprogram the way you react to your fears, thoughts, and worries. Whenever I am working on something that is important, such as doing what I love, and a fear pops up, I know I will get through it.
The alternative is giving up, which isn’t an option.
If you are determined to go after your passion, your fears will become insignificant in comparison.
Negativity may appear to be a great defense mechanism: If you keep your expectations low enough, you won’t be crushed when things don’t work out, which leads you nowhere but despair! 
What Im learning is to stop being so unkind to myself. Beating myself up, dwelling on how inept I think I am,  and engaging in negative self-talk are all unhealthy behaviours in general. 
Don’t generalise your failures, and don’t let your disappointment bleed into the future. Instead, make a point of celebrating your successes and reminding yourself of all the things you do well. 

Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏


One thought on “Befriend your fears

  1. Yes, the power of positivity is immense. Just waking up every morning and gathering all your thoughts about the positive things around you makes a lot of difference. We tend to build up wars with people in our minds and that only disturbs our own balance.

    Determination in achieving our goals is very important. We tend to get over joyous or extremely sad about or victories and failures in life. Keeping a balance of the both helps you achieve a stable mindset. Which also allows you to more self satisfied. A person who understands this doesn’t expect any gratitude or applaus but instead gets immense pleasure in just performing the act.


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