Empty yourself of your own conditioning

​Initially I would get very protective about my art and my work. I would be secretive of my teaching, scared of the copy cats. 

And didn’t want to talk to people because I kept started noticing people mimicking my ideas and making it their own.

It would boil my blood. To even see friends who would just want to take advantage of me and use me for their benifits. But this only made me more aware of my true friends and filtered out everyone else. 
Even though they say “imitation is a best form of flattery” I didn’t want to be ordinary. I want to be outstanding and not forgotten. I didn’t want someone else to profit from my creativity, my hard work. It is only sweat, tears and blood I’ve put in to reach where I have. It’s never been easy. And it isn’t going to be. But people just wanted to shine in the light that you have made with your bare hands. So I kept in protecting my art. Never sharing. Always keeping my gaurd up. 
I would even stop meeting friends. So I kept shutting out and I stopped creating and I was miserable. 
But I didn’t want to be miserable anymore. I didn’t want my ego and pride to take over.  I came face to face with my fears and I told myself; “For how long can you be attached your own ideologies? For how long will I allow fear to control my life?”
I had to empty myself of my own conditioning. It is difficult to do this when there are so many layers of filters of how you perceive what you like or dislike or your beliefs are already conditioned and they make you, you. Your perception is coloured. But the fact that you are capable of observing the conditions is already the first step. 
When you get a headache, you are aware of your head paining and you know that you are not the headache. It’s the same thing with your thoughts. It’s the same thing with your fears. You have the power to change them. They do not control you. 
That’s when I realised people can impersonate you, steal your content, plagerise your words but they can’t replicate YOU. You exuberance and light is there for a reason, they can imitate you as much as they like but they can’t take away your creative vessel which is in built in you. No one can ever steal your uniqueness. That’s why you are one step ahead of them while they try to copy you. 
If you break it down even further, now honestly I changed my approach when it struck me, people who need to steal your content because they can’t create their own. It just makes you compassionate that they can’t even make anything of themselves that they need validation to be you. It’s always about perspective, why aggravate your energy, when you can be peaceful? 
Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏


One thought on “Empty yourself of your own conditioning

  1. Sharing is a fuzzy logic. It is not binary. It is not just ‘on’ and ‘of’. It is who you want to share with and why. It exists in a moment. And then you have to let go. Good read. Enjoyed it.


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