How much can you protect your girl?

​How much can you protect your girl?

Tell her not to wear something.

“Cover her up.”

Don’t allow her to go anywhere. 

“Sit at home.” 

She doesn’t need education

She doesn’t need to think for herself. 

She shouldn’t be able to tell right from wrong.

Don’t allow her to speak. 

Don’t allow her to have her own voice. 

Be sheep.

Think like the society. 

“You can’t.”

Do as the society desires. 

“What will the neighbours say, if they find out?”

Don’t allow her to go to people’s houses because you don’t know what happens behind Thier closed doors.

But do you know what happens behind yours?

“What will people think of us?”

You won’t be safe anywhere but home…

But that’s the last place I feel safe. 
From secret touches,

To mysterious bruises.

You have to keep quiet 

Because “what you say will never be true.”

“No one will believe you.” 

Since now you’re filthy,

You’re unwanted. 


Who would want damage goods?

So you keep the secret like an unlucky truth. 

Eating you from inside. 


But you can’t keep quiet anymore. 

Because the screams from within are only getting louder. 

And you can feel,

Something else is slaughtered within you.

-Natasha Noel


One thought on “How much can you protect your girl?

  1. This gave me chills.
    No place is safe, and will never be, so we need not be scared of anyone. All we need to do is – Never endure wrong, and never let anything wrong take place in front of you. Raise voice, and then you can see your voice being echoed by many weak souls, who just needed a strong voice to make their own voices echoed.
    Wonderfully presented.


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