How to get a bikini body? A simple guide for all body types

BODY IMAGE: “How to get a bikini body? Put a goddamn bikini on the body.” (I read this somewhere. Well, I added the goddamn) 
Nobody’s perfect, nobody’s going to be perfect. Read this slowly EVERYONE HAS IMPERFECTIONS! And IT’S OKAY!!! No body looks at your body like the way you do. No one looks at one other with a microscopic view. Its only YOU who do that. For the love of god STOP HATING YOUR BODY! Its okay we have moments of stupidity which is again, okay! But you need to destroy that seed of self hatred. AT LEAST start burning it. Burn the seed of self destruction and nourish your garden of love and forgiveness. 
 If you want to wear a bikini and society thinks you dont have the body for it. Just wear it. Wear it because you want to. Not because you what to prove a point to anyone but because that is what you want to do from the core of your being. Believe me when I say this; if you are comfortable in your authenticity of being, in your natural skin, in your flesh and bones no matter what anyone says, the snide remarks that they whisper or cat call at you will not bother you at all. Because you are at peace in your body and mind about yourself. 

People who say “no offence” and continue to say the offensive statement are the best examples of hypocrites. Also, remember the amount of hate they must be having in them and towards themselves to pass any painful remarks. 

At least I had a good upbringing where my mum taught me, if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all. 

If you want to be fully coverd and as long as you feel secure and confidential and makes you feel even more beautiful,  BE FULLY COVERED. 

Do things because you want to do it. Of course, exercise, eat healthy but be proud of the phneominal body you are gifted with.

The more you hate it the more it won’t listen to you and you will be miserable.   No one is a walking Photoshop. And everyone has something they don’t like about their body. Be kind. Don’t judge other people if you don’t want to be judged. 
Everyone’s has their own issue it might be small for you but huge for them. Be kind with your words. And for the love of god STOP COMPARING YOUR BODY TO SOMEONE ELSES. You might have something another person desires . Be proud of your flaws they are your own.  Be kind to yourself. Start loving yourself. You are goddamn breathtaking, my warrior. 

Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏


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