Nature is healing

You think of your problems, your fears, your worries, your insecurities, your anxieties are big and can consume you? Breathe. There is nothing bigger than the universe around you. 
When we focus on our problems our world shrinks and our issues seem to expand. When we step back and consider the really big picture, we gain a more balanced outlook.

There is always something to complain about and there is always going to be. It is increasingly tumultuous to be human. We are just one small piece of something much, much bigger. 
Seeing our difficulty as a speck compared to the big picture actually empowers us to deal with life’s problems more effectively because they no longer feel insurmountable.

We are not only part of nature but we are nature. From the roots, our feet, that walk the ground on to the crown that reaches the sky. 
Mother earth is sublime and she loves us.

She has been here from generations and will be here till the end of time and will continue to take care of us, till she can. 
Nature is healing. 

You don’t have to do anything, for once just listen. Listen to the chaos screaming to be heard, listen to your inner child crying for you to just forgive them. Hold them in your arms and tell them you love them. Forgive yourself. Be kind to yourself. Just sit, breathe and allow her to heal you. 

Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏


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