To My Father…


To my father,

I’ve always loved you. 

I was only two but I knew when you had to take your pills. 

You never liked them. 

Because your Friends would go away. 

You wouldn’t be free anymore.

You liked to escape

 into your strange world,

And leave mother and I behind. 

But, I still love you. 

After mother’s sucide,

I don’t know what happened. 

All I remember is her in flames,

And they had to lock you up. 

And I was left there all alone.

But, I still love you. 

 I was deserted,

And I was petrified. 

They made you into a madman,

And I believed them. 

I ran far away from you,

So that I couldn’t catch what you had. 

I blamed you for far too long. 

I blamed your illness that separated us. 

And now you are no more. 

But, I still love you. 

Trapped beneath those layers of pain

Screaming for release,

 drowning in defeat

I wish I could have broken your manacles.

But, I still love you. 

And all I want to tell you is

I have your forehead,

I have your lips. 

I have your chin,

I have your passion for love. 

I love chocolates like you.

your friend keeps me safe at night. 

He said he’ll protect me,

Like you protected him. 

 No one believed you. 

But I do. 
-Natasha Noel 
I generally don’t write about my dad, but today’s his birthday. So… happy birthday, Papa. May you find the peace in the other world. I know you’re my guardian angel, always protecting me. I still love you. πŸ’™
Merry Christmas, everyone! Tell your family how much you love them because you never know when it would be your last hug or kiss or goodbye to them. Let them know you love them! πŸ’™


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