Kill your Excusitis disease, Today!

​Excusitis is a contagious disease that manifests in the infected person with excuses for everything in life. It is usually brought on by the “tisnot myfaultis” virus, occuring in the majority of the population. 

I hear this a lot. “But, I just don’t have the time.”

“I’m so busy,” or “I’ve been so caught up, I don’t have the luxury of time!” Or “I have a high paced life, I don’t have any time at all to any workout.”

I completely understand that you need to make an excuse for yourself to make yourself feel that you are busier than a president of the world. Ironic fact: Even S/he has has the time to workout, my friend! But, honestly get off your high horse! If you want it that bad, you got to work as hard. Unfortunately, there is no geni. You got to makes your wishes into positive habits and those habits make your reality. 
Everyone is busy but you got to make the time. Otherwise the days, months, years will pass you by and you have made anyone and everyone/your work a priority, but yourself. 

Make the time for yourself, to better yourself. Your health is important. 

It all boils down to priorities, you make ‘the time’ for the people you need so why not put yourself as a priority? Maybe, don’t binge watch your favourites series  or YouTube show and sleep early, so you can get up early and give your body the exercise it needs. 

You don’t need to run for five hours or go to the gym for two hours. If you find it incredibly tough, you can start with working out twenty minutes a day and do a fun exercise of your choice. (That does not include shavasana for twenty minutes!)

 The choice is yours at the end of the day. Kill your Excusitis disease and open up your world of possibilities. 

The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is their attitude towards making excuses. You cannot continue to find reasons why everything cannot be done and expect to get ahead in life. Your future success is only as possible as you think it is.

Instead of making excuses, take action. Action is magical. When you advance towards your goal with predetermined action-steps, even though you do not see how everything is going to come together, something magical begins to happen. You become more creative. You start coming up with great ideas, some of which can eventually lead to your progression and breakthroughs.

Of course, true success requires time, and it is not every action that leads to success overnight. But success has a way of surprising people, it pops up unexpectedly when you are busy taking various actions. 

Remember when you were giving yourself excuses that you thought you couldn’t do it? Think again. The only thing standing inbetween you and your goal is the bullshit you keep telling yourself. 

Fitness is a lifelong journey. Set goals and chase them down. When you reach one goal, set another one and pursue it just as furiously. Don’t get frustrated when it gets tough. Even if you’re moving slowly that’s better than not moving at all. Just focus on being better today than you were yesterday.

The training you are doing isn’t getting any easier. You are just getting stronger. Don’t sell yourself short. You are as strong as you choose to be.

Staying loyal to your workout isn’t always easy. It will make you sore and exhaust you. Sometimes it may hurt. But the regret from quitting hurts much worse.

Rest that is earned feels so much better than rest that is just lazy.

You don’t need fancy equipment or nice weather. All you need is an open road and your own will to make yourself better.

Attend a fat funeral everyday and dress for the occasion.

I don’t care who you are. You can be in literally any physical condition and workout. You are never too far gone, and you are never too fit. In order to reach a goal first you have to start.

Every workout is another chance to rid yourself of doubt and make yourself better. Remember that stretching is just as important as your workout. 

Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏


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