You Are Beautiful

​Uplifting one body does not have to come at a cost of vilification of other bodies. 

It’s amusing how people compliment others by dragging another type of body, practically when it comes to body appearance.

 ✨”You’re beautiful! I prefer curvy woman anyway, you just don’t see any hard women  body to compare.” 

✨”You don’t need to change a thing, skinny women are hot, you don’t need all that meat to grab on to!” 

✨”Athlete girls is where it is at, no one can even come close!” 

All these statements are intended as positive but they all have one thing in common. They fail to recognise attractiveness as highly subjective, perception based rather than as a fact. They assume that one body type’s attractiveness demonstrated superiority to all other body types.

If your compliment to someone puts down someone else, please take a moment to assess the context of your comment. Is there anyway that you can reframe that thought so that the main focus is on the person you are complementing rather than on a person/body type/caste/ group that you dislike?

Instead of shamming women for wearing whatever they chose to, maybe we(both women and men) should learn to NOT over sexualise normal female body parts. 

Compliments are intended to be uplifting and positive. Let’s all make sure that the compliments we give out don’t reinforce the faulty notions that in order to feel good you need to feel superior to someone else. 

Let the intention of your compliment be pure rather than just objectifying the other human being. 

Whatever your body type or if you feel you don’t have a body type you are still a badass warrior. I hope you look into the mirror today and see someone beautiful, because YOU ARE!

‘We are enough’. Imagine if we all really embraced that to our cores. No fear. Just pure love and joyfulness. Attracting love everywhere we go, and mirroring it back to each other because we are not insecurity doesn’t love in us anymore. So we don’t sit and wait and compare ourselves to one another and drag our selves down nor do we think we are superior and put ourselves on a high pedestal. We are still humble and human. We know we are enough with all our flaws, with all our imperfections because that is what makes us unique. 

 All because we truly believe that we are infinitely lovable. How much joy is made possible if we would only believe that we are capable of boundless love and possibility? 💙

Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏


2 thoughts on “You Are Beautiful

  1. Beautiful write up, I believe, in the philosophical sense, its the case of miss-identification, the ‘self’ with the ‘body’.. unlike at the spiritual level, at the mundane level we do identify the body with the self.. through observation and reflection one can be more mindfulness..
    Keep writing.. I’m following 🙂


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