Chai and cigarettes

Cold autumn night.

You, tucked under my skin.

Your breath enthralls me.

The room is smokey 

Smudged lipstick,

Uniting our bodies in the smokey haze.
Constellation kisses.

A girl becoming a wolf,

Howling when the moon turns full. 

Changing into a vicious lycan.

I consume you. 
The world is still around us. 

Moving our bodies in harmony. 

Skin, amalgamating into each others. 

My screams melting into a howl.

Symphony of our moans, 

Making sweet lovers music. 

You pulled me against your body

And I felt protected.

I didn’t need to pretend to be strong. 

And even after we were done

I pulled away and you held me tighter.

I was safe. 

I watched you light up your cigarette. 

Morning came.

And as I sipped my chai. 

And felt the warmth between my lips 

Flashes of my dream.

Come jarring in 
I could feel you inside of me.
Looking at the cigarette on the table

For the first time I envied a coffin nail

Reminiscing how your perfect lips would be pressed against the bud.

Desiring you to light me up,

Inhaling my kiss

And setting me on fire. 
Like the ashes that turned to dust

Sitting on the floor,

With the remnants of our relationship. 

The most special thing in my life was gone, forever. 

Drinking my chai and smoking your addiction.



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