Dear Human


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Dear human,
Can I tell you something? You’re beautiful in your own effing magnificent way. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. (Especially) NOT even yourself. I know you want to give up. I know nothing makes sense. I know there is part of you which hates yourself. I know you feel pain and you want to do things to yourself which doesn’t make sense. I know it’s been hard; maybe it’s always been hard. Maybe you see happiness but it constantly slips away from you like how you try and hold stand in a fist. Relationships aren’t working out. Your body looks like shit. You haven’t reached where you want in life. You don’t see progress in anything you do. Maybe work isn’t going the way you like. You’re just perpetually tired. And each day, maybe you hate yourself a little bit more.

I understand.

You try and eat your way out of the numbness you feel. Or you try and starve yourself either way you don’t care. You just want to give up. You just want to get out of the hopelessness of your situation.

I understand.

I just want to tell you. It’s okay. And you’re not alone. Your skin is a gift that covers your body. Maybe you’re too skinny, too fat, too curvy, too muscular, too nothing, too everything. You’re worried about your cellulite on your butt and thighs or worried about your chicken legs. Or your chubby ankles or thin wrists. You’re worried about the roll on your back or the fact that your ribs always show when you move. The fact that your stomach comes before entering a room or that when your partner holds your waist they can only feel your hip bones and wondering where is the meat.

I understand.

I just want to tell you to fuck everything. You need to be comfortable in your own skin. Every colour is beautiful, every accent, accept that’s your heritage, own it. Be proud of where you’ve come from, be proud of who you are.

I know it’s difficult. Especially with all the voices in your head/society telling you how you should to be/dress/behave or even love. Screw everything. Screw everyone. Accept yourself, with all your beautiful flaws. So what if you’re loud girl or a quiet boy? So what if a man is romantic and a woman doesn’t believe in love. So what if the man wants to be a homemaker and the woman wants to work? You have one goddamn life, man. Do what makes you happy. Do whatever you want that makes you happy, just, please don’t be an asshole. No one likes an asshole.

I’m not saying; you should run away from your responsibilities “screaming fuck society!  I’m going to be free!” No, but try and find freedom in your chaos. Try and see beauty around you. Try and be comfortable in your own skin. Your skin is the best and most natural cloth that there is out there no one can wear it better than you. In all your cracks of hurt pour endless self love. Find love within yourself.

Humans will enter and exit your life but don’t harden learn from them and love profoundly one day you’ll find a human who loves you will all your imperfections and you will be confident and accept the love because you have finally after all these years, accept yourself from the core of your being. And you will love back, unconditionally. Till then keep learning, keep growing keep evolving, and remember you are a goddess or god in your exuberant light.


A human who chooses not to give up and always find inspiration in life.

MY instagram Handle: Natashanoel001

Photography credits: Meghna Bhalla Photography



One thought on “Dear Human

  1. Well said Natasha. We tend to think on what the others think and here is where the chaos and the crap happens. The creation of anything begins with yourself and hence one needs to believe in Him/Her, which most of them try not to. It thus requires a lot of courage to stand up to your own self. More power to you. 🙂


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