23 Life lessons I learnt before turning 23.

These are 23 lessons I’ve learnt before turning 23. I cannot wait to learn even more in the coming years…

Lesson 1: Don’t get involved in peoples bullshit.

Lesson 2: Don’t try and fix their mess. You’re not Olivia Pope.
Lesson 3: You cannot help those who don’t find anything wrong to begin with. Or who don’t want to get to a better state of mind.

Lesson 4: Helping people because you think that if they find some happiness that would make you happy. Nope, it most certainly won’t.

Lesson 5:  But what actually would be better is if you help yourself. Try to heal yourself. Try to make yourself happy.

Lesson 6: Mind your own business.

Lesson 7: Everyone makes mistakes. You learn from it and move on and make every effort not to repeat. Otherwise it then becomes a choice.

Lesson 8: It doesn’t matter if the other person forgives you, but can you forgive yourself?

Lesson 9: People change. People out grow each other. People get bored. People fall out of love. You know why is that? Because there’s no communication. Lack of communication creates the worst barriers. Stop over thinking. Stop over analyzing. Stop worrying. Stop thinking the worst possible situation. STOP GIVING YOURSELF SUCH A HARD TIME. Over things you think in your head. Pick up the phone and talk to the person. People cannot read minds. If you feel something is wrong talk about it.

Communication is key, to any relationship.

Lesson 10: If people want to walk out, leave the door wide open.

Lesson 11: Only your true friends and family will be there through your worst. Cherish them.

Lesson 12: Shit happens. But life goes on. Stop basking in the negativity. Feel the pain. No don’t about it. Feel it in every bone of your being. DON’T REPESS IT! But don’t allow it to consume you. Start letting go.

Lesson 13: Nature heals. Nature heals all wounds. Spend some time in nature everyday. Feel the breeze against your face or warmth of the sun or the drops of rain on your face. Touch mother earth with your toes. Smell the wet mud after the rain. Smell the flowers. Listen to the birds chirping. Get lost in nature. Take in nature.

Lesson 14: Do something you love. And be the best at it. Keep learning. Keep growing. You rather do what you love and be happy than do something you hate that make you feel unhappy about your decision. This is one life that you have. Make happy choices. Because when you die, you cannot take all the money you have, or the cars, or the houses or anything material to your grave. You cannot even take your body. What you can take is the feeling of accomplishment and happiness. Is your soul happy?

Lesson 15: Don’t do anything to intentionally hurt anyone. Remember Karma’s always watching.

Lesson 16: Not everyone is like you. Not everyone understands the way you do. Not everyone thinks the way you do. Stop expecting people to. That will only cause you disappointment. Don’t expect anything from anyone.

Lesson 17: Travel. Travel a lot. Meet new people. Make new experiences.

Lesson 18: Be your won hero. Don’t wait for anyone to save you. This isn’t a fairy tale. You don’t need saving. The only person who can truly save yourself is YOU.

Lesson 19: BE KIND. Kindness doesn’t cost a damn thing. Try and spread as much positivity as you can. Everyone is going through their own battle. So don’t judge people. Be kind to people instead. Remember? Karma’s watching.

Lesson 20. Failure, heartbreak and an empty pocket are the best teachers in life.

Lesson 21: Stop regretting the past or worrying about your future. Live in the present. Take one day at a time.

Lesson 22: Speak the truth. Always. Yes the truth hurts but so does lies. With the truth you would heal…eventually. However painful it is.

Lesson 23: Nothing bloody matters if you can’t love yourself. If you can’t make yourself happy.If you can’t see your own worth.Because no matter how much people tell you that. You will never believe it! So start with loving yourself.

Practice daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.

Much love







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