Why should you exercise?


This picture just cracked me up! Exercise has a myriad of profound, scientifically proven physical and mental benefits. The stats correspond to the frequency, so if you exercise regularly or get some kind of physical activity every day, you’re more likely to feel better, look better and be healthier. Whether your goal is weight loss, happiness or more energy, daily exercise can help you get there.

Why to exercise?

Apart from the obvious to destroy the fat in your body

  1. Reduces Illnesses

I was a very sickly child. The hospital was my second home. I have asthma since childhood and hence I’ve always been prone to fever, cough and colds. The usual allergies but it was constant. With yoga it has drastically reduced. Now when I’m stressed out I can feel the wheeze and I go for a light walk and I automatically feel better. With yoga there is a massive change and I can BREATHE normally. Exercising reduces various numbers health problems.

  1. Boosts your energy

Because your body is functioning more efficiently, you’ve got more oxygen to fuel your body’s cells. You also feel fewer aches and pains and have greater strength. As a result, you can go about your daily activities feeling less fatigued, stressed, and weary. Although going to the gym early in the morning or late in the afternoon may feel like the last thing you have energy to do, once you build exercise into your daily routines, these workout bouts will actually seem less tiresome because you’ll feel more mentally and physically capable of carrying them out.


  1. Fights depression

 It’s a well-kept secret that people who exercise regularly also have lower risk of depression. Our pill-popping culture tends to emphasize medical interventions for psychological disorders over behavioural treatments. Exercise is one of these behavioural treatments. Aerobic exercise improves your mood by causing your body’s endorphins to kick in. These are the natural “feel good” neurotransmitters that start to exert their effects after about 20 minutes of training. These regular exercise-related boosts eventually improve your overall mental health over the long term.

  1. Lowers anxiety

Related to exercise’s effects on mood are its effects on your levels of anxiety. As your levels of endorphins increase, your feelings of worry also start to diminish. When you exercise, you also refocus your attention from your daily problems to the workout itself. You can gain a fresh perspective on even the most preoccupying concerns in your life by taking an exercise break. When you return to these daily problems, you approach them with renewed energy and even some new ways to figure out solutions.

  1. It reduces PMS symptoms.

In one study, teen girls—was there ever a moodier bunch?—performed 60-minute cardio sessions three times a week for eight weeks . Afterward they reported their symptoms from PMS, especially depression and anger, were markedly better, so much so that the researchers concluded that exercise should be prescribed as a cure for PMS.

  1. Makes you sleep like a baby

Exercise helps you to sleep better for a couple of reasons. Exercise is a beneficial stressor to the body. The brain compensates for the physical stress by increasing the amount of time you spend in deep sleep.

Exercise also encourages sleep because it causes one’s body temperature to rise and then fall by equal amount a few hours later. This drop in your body temperature makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

  1. Makes you happier

When you see the progress in your body even if its little you feel happier and even more motivated to continue. The progress can wither be your muscles getting more defined or you can go deeper in a stretch! Well, there are bad days too but one must try to keep moving!


  1.  It makes you respect your body.

It’s supremely easy to focus on the six-pack abs or bikini bridges or other (possibly unattainable) physical attributes. But instead of getting caught up in comparisons, lace up your shoes and simply go for a walk. Using our bodies not only strengthens them but builds our gratitude for all the cool stuff they can d. After all, being an athlete has nothing to do the mirror—it’s about how your body can move.


Don’t waste time feeling bad about what you are NOT. Life is way too short and exciting. Focus on your assets and uniqueness, while eating healthy and exercising regularly. Everything will fall into place. Literally.


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