Dose of Friday motivation

Pain may sometimes be the reason why people change. I believe pain is actually a good thing in life. (Most times, I’m not a sadist!) Life is not easy, life will never be easy. Let’s just all take a moment and realise this wonderful fact! But if every time something brings us down, hurts us, and we question our own existence, we will just remain exactly where we are and will be buried in that negativity rather than helping ourselves out of it.

What we can try and do now is convert that negativity into motivation. Now, I am NO EXPERT on this. Most days are good but I too have my bad days. It happens to all of us at some point; it is very hard to stay motivated because well, it’s easier to give up and wallow in self-pity and then complain about it rather than to keep trying. We practice and practice and practice, the weeks go by and we seem to be in exactly the same place we always were as though no progress has been made at all.

This is a dangerous time. It is all too easy to throw up our hands and say “OK, that’s it! I give up!” While thinking this however, it may be worth remembering that the world is full of people who wish they had never given up and they go on with their lives being miserable. Not being able to see beyond the negativity.

Now let me ask you something? What if you keep trying, and you keep trying and you keep trying and let’s say you keep trying some more and just a little bit more. What’s the worst that can happen? Oh, you take, maybe, years to achieve your dream. (If you’re lucky, then lesser time) But you know something you are closer than NOT TRYING AT ALL! You are a little closer to your dream.

Now let me ask you another question. What if you do the same thing? Go through the same process as above, and you ACHIEVE your dreams? How would that make you feel then? I bet pretty damn awesome. So then why are you giving up now?

So what if you fall? That’s how you learn. You learn to pick yourself you and try again. Try till you have achieved it. When you were a toddler and you were crawling, everywhere. You had a dream; your dream was to walk. But every time you wanted to walk, your chubby little legs were not used to this. Your body was giving you all reasons to give up. You would have fallen hard on your bottoms MILLIONS of times. But your mind was determined to bloody well walk.

Now if you hadn’t fallen again and again and still again, how would you have learnt to take your first step? You have to realise when you were a child you weren’t scared, you didn’t have ego. You didn’t care how stupid you looked, you weren’t afraid of falling you actually enjoyed it (well most times) But you learnt to pick yourself up. And you’ve learnt to do that ever since.

Even better still. When you wanted to walk, did running even cross your mind? No, but in excitement your little feet just kept moving faster and faster. Nothing in the world could stop you from that. If I ask you now, when you walk do you think of how you are walking? Of course you don’t. You can cross the road talking on your cell phone, coffee in the other hand while doing jumping jacks. You just walk… like you breathe. It’s that natural to you.

Stop overthinking, stop over analyzing things. If you want to do something go ahead and do it. Only you are in the way of stopping yourselves from achieving whatever it is that you want to achieve. Take one step at a time.

Be a child. When you have dreams, be like a child. Be excited, IT YOUR DREAM. It’s your journey. Embrace your inner child. S/he knows best. Try and not be so hard on yourself if you feel you’re stagnating. Just remember, whatever you do or want to achieve is going to take time. The best things take time. But if you give up how the hell would you know what achieving your goals or ambitions or dreams even feels like? Just believe. Start today. Start NOW! A year later you would wish you had started today.

Practise daily. Stay Safe. Stay Humble.

Much Love.

This is when I just started experimenting with yoga. A year ago


and this is now.I Didn’t have a flexible back(still don’t have one!) But its gotten better. Like everything else in my life with time, practice and patience!



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