Yoga through the perspective of a dog

So my name is Maya, that’s what the humans named me when I was a puppy. I am going to try to explain to you what this human sister of mine does during the WHOLE day! It is something called yoga. If you ask me she does some weird things with her body and I get so scared because I feel she will fall down and break some bone of hers and I will have to eat her bones! But I will try to not make this about moving on.. Yoga is… a simple process of reversing the ordinary outward flow of energy and consciousness so that the mind becomes a dynamic center of direct perception no longer dependent upon the fallible senses but capable of actually experiencing Truth.

  • Before starting make sure that your body is very warm. How ever flexible or strong you are, warming up before is very important. Otherwise you will definitely get an injury.
  • Breathe. Always breathe. Focus on exhalation more than inhalation so that you will relax and you can go deeper into the asana.
  • Relax. Every posture should be like you are doing Shavasana or Corpse pose. The more you try to hold your breath the tighter your body will feel. 


This posture or asana that she is demonstrating is called Downward Dog or Adho Mukha Svanasana  (Yes I know, There are many yoga poses with animal names. It’s only natural, as the early yogis were influenced by what was around them.The yogis devised their asanas partly by observing how animal instincts work in the wild.Now if a man does yoga he is called a yogi and a woman does yoga she is called a yogini.) This posture is the most common. One is supposed to spread and relax the fingers into the floor and also push into the feet (in opposing direction so you feel a nice stretch called opposition) The shoulder blades should go outward away from the ears. THEY SHOULD NOT TOUCH EACH OTHER. Your gaze will be at your navel.


What i am doing now is Upward Dog or Urdhva Mukha Svanasana  (At least I’m trying to do it. )You have to spread your paws evenly into the floor, lift your chest don’t drop the neck back and crunch the posture the energy still has to flow through.So keep the upper body nice and lifted. Your knees and thighs should be off the floor, lift those legs use your legs also, don’t drop them dead!   Your spine will always be nice and lifted. You need to relax and breathe in each posture. If you find any posture difficult don’t push your body too much go at your place BREATHE and smile. It will make it easier. Human smiles all the time. Everytime. Below if you got confused by my paws the  you can look at human and understand the posture.


THIS.IS.THE.EXCITING.PART. When human will put her one leg up into Three-legged Downward Dog or Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana.I do not know why I feel human will fall off and then I can go play catch with her broken leg. (I’m waiting for that…one day)



It’s going to fall. It’s going to fall. 


I have never been so excited. Even when the humans say”who wants FOOOD?” or ” do you want to go DOWWWN”. Of course i want food. And i want to go down. All. the. time. I would go down and eat food. Best.Day.ever.(It will be) BUT THIS IS TOO EXCITING!


Its straight. It didn’t fall. Maya sad. That’s why human is smiling. 

Inhale and lift the back leg. Only go as high as you can without tilting the pelvis to the side. Engage the arms, finding an external rotation. Engage both legs, finding an internal rotation. Push out of the ball of the lifted leg. Engage the core. Breathe. Slowly lower the leg down, and go on to the other side. 

Tip: Keep your weight evenly dispersed between your hands and standing foot.IMG_7804

My job here is done. I’m going to take a nap.

The foot is going up! The Foot is going up! THE FOOT IS GOING UP!!!!!!!!IMG_0876

And again it didn’t fall.

This posture is called One Leg Wheel Pose or Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana 

Start on your back with your knees bent and feet flat hip-width apart. Reverse your palms behind your shoulders so they are flat and your fingertips point toward your feet. Lift your hips and head so you can lightly place the crown of your head onto the ground. Hug your elbows in over your wrists, plug the shoulders into their sockets while keeping the outer arm long, and begin to curl your chest by pressing the bottom tips of your shoulder blades toward your heart. Press into both palms to start lifting the head and straightening the arms.

Once your arms are straight (or as straight as they’ll comfortably be), walk your feet in a few inches. If you experience any lower back pain, lengthen your tailbone toward your knees to engage your lower belly or leave your feet where they are and don’t worry about shortening your stance. Lift your left foot off of the ground (you might start here by lifting just a few inches and holding). Bend your left knee in toward your chest to activate your hip-flexor muscle, and hug in the outer hip. Roll the upper inner thigh down and keep even weight in your palms. Press the shin bone back to help open your chest. Stay here for a couple of breaths(Previous picture)

Then gently extend from your knee to your toes up toward the ceiling to help straighten the leg. Reach your tailbone forward and keep your upper outer arms rotating in to support your chest. Relax your neck and press deeper into your standing heel to encourage more space in the chest.(Next picture) Breathe. Relax. Let the breath be your boss. Let the breath drive you. 


Now this is when we are chilling and looking at the people pass by, braking at everything at moves. Well I bark while she still continues to do some more stretching.

Now this posture is not a traditional asana. Human has mixed two asanas that is Boat pose or Navasana  and Compass Pose or Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana 

You should be able to do both of them individually first then only can the mixture happen. You can start with either boat pose or compass pose.  Human started with compass pose with the right leg. She keeps her right leg bent first. She finds her balance(As shown in the picture below) and then after she is confident that she won’t fall on me, she then makes her right leg straight.IMG_7724

(For the record if human did fall on me I would bite her!) And then you twist to the side taking your lower belly in. You always keep the energy flowing out. Never sit in your body. The more you twist and sweat the more your body gets detoxified!IMG_20150802_170545

Then Human takes a break and we have a little talk.IMG_7838

We talk about so many things. How much she loves me.About life. About how she wants to travel the world. How she wants to keep learning. She tells me about all her dreams and goals. I am her best friend. So.. I kinda don’t have a choice.I lick her encouragingly. But then I get distracted because I see a cat. I. Hate.Cats. Where were we again?IMG_7839OKay after the break we do Upward Wheel Pose or Urdhva Dhanurasana WITH STRAIGHT LEGS

1. Begin lying on your back.  Bend your knees, place your feet on the floor with the heels as close as possible to the sitting bones.  Feet should be about hip distance.

2. Bend your arms and place your hands beside your head, palms on the floor with fingertips pointing towards your shoulders.  Your forearms should be almost perpendicular to the floor.

3. Exhale, and press your feet firmly into the ground as your lift your hips and tailbone up off of the floor.   Take a breath or two and then press firmly into the hands, lifting the head up and placing the crown of your head gently onto the floor.  Keep your arms, thighs and inner feet parallel.

4. Take a breath or two, and then lift your head off of the floor as you exhale, straightening the arms.  Firm the outer thighs and turn the upper thighs inward slightly.  Lengthen the tailbone toward the back of the knees as lift the pubis toward the navel.

5. Spread the shoulder blades across the back as you lift up through your chest.  Press evenly through your hands and feet.  Your head can hang, or be lifted slightly to look down at the floor.

6. Slowly straighten the legs as you lengthen through the spine. If your body feels tight or cannot go further then just feel free to stay here. Otherwise you can gently rock to and fro till your upper back is warm to make your legs absolutely straight.  Keep the chest lifting and press through the inner arches of the feet. DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE!

7. Hold for 5 – 10 breaths, and slowly lower down to release.


My job here is done.These are some of Humans favourite asanas. I hope I made it easier for y’all to understand how to do them. I know i am the best Dog teacher that there is out there.

Just one thing, I would like to end on some puppy advice, whatever negative happens in your life always remember this line, “THIS TOO SHALL PASS“. It is only temporary. You are born for a reason. You may not see it now, have a little hope. You are destined for greatness. IMG_7861

Just don’t give up.

Okay, im going to take a nap now.

Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.

Much love.

Maya Munchkin. (yes that’s my full name)

Woof woof.


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