Workout Clothes-My style to stay motivated!

Workout clothes

IMG_02695.55 Am: Alarm rings…

You: “Oh!  Just 5 more minutes, I’m up anyway ill just ‘rest my eyes!’

Snoozes alarm.

You keep snoozing the alarm until…

7.55: Alarm rings.

You: Get up with a panic attack and run to the bathroom (that’s the most cardio you do for the day) to get ready for work/school/college (LIFE, I’m just going to say life, it’s easier that way instead of constantly writing “work/school/college, replicate it to whatever you are doing))

And then you say, “Ah it’s okay tomorrow, I’ll do it! Tomorrow will get up and start exercising”


You come back from LIFE and you are so tired because you’ve had a hectic day and you are mentally, physically and emotionally drained. So you make yourself believe that,

“Ah! It’s okay, I’m so tired now, I haven’t even slept properly. My back hurts, my head hurts, my kidney hurts, my nose hurts..” (I can go on with the list)

So I might as well rest now and just relax on the couch and you start eating your packet of chips and start watching television. And you tell yourself “ anyway I’m going to start working out tomorrow so i might as well start eating healthy from tomorrow itself.:

But tomorrow comes and goes, again and again and again…

You know something? Our future self will be perfect we would eat healthier, be happy, live a little, laugh more, give time to our family and of course start running! Wow! But then WHAT ABOUT THE NOW? You are living in the present, so why are you living in the future by giving yourself such hopeful USELESS excuses?

So how to stay motivated? There are butt loads of ways, for me the easiest and the most effective way is DRESSSING for your workout. I know people say what you wear doesn’t matter; you can’t let that define you as a person. But it certainly builds your self confidence.

What you wear while exercising leaves a great impact on you. It motivates you to work out and in turn you work out better hence making you feel great. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you just have to layer it well. Honestly, you can wear anything as long as it’s comfortable and you can continue your practise in.

I remember the first time I walked in my Street Jazz class, 5 years ago, in an oversized t shirt and extremely loose track pants! And when my teacher said look in the mirror and show me attitude I looked  around everyone’s in some funky cut up tops, or shorts looking all glamorous and I’m standing there feeling like a potato, I bet, even looking like one. My teacher after class told me you should not be so shy of your body. You must embrace it and be proud of it. I thought she was mental and I thought oh she just wanted me to strip and show skin

But 3 months into the class I started realizing that I’m wearing tighter razor- back topa and slightly tighter pants. Honestly I could see a massive difference in my dance. Maybe it was psychological but I was starting to get comfortable in my own skin. I started wearing shorts and sports bra and that became my standard outfit (with leg warmers of course). I realized as I was stripping my clothes I was stripping away my inhibitions, my fears. I am a very shy person (still am) but somehow when I looked at myself I could see the attitude, my teacher was talking about in the first class. I knew I wasn’t the same girl who was so afraid of talking to people, of making friends, of giving her opinion and honestly afraid of life itself. I became confident.


thumb_IMG_6722_1024 (1)

I got a really bad knee injury and the doctors said you can either walk or dance. Yes after five years of being a professional dancer I had to give up my dream. I was mad pissed. But I believed that everything happened for a reason. And some how after a year or so Yoga found me. I still prefer my shorts and sports bra but I have taken a new liking to yoga pants. At one point I hated long tight pants, but now I find it extremely sexy.


I did the same thing for running I went out wearing loose clothes but recently I bought a running top and for some weird reason I believe I can run better. I am no runner. I may be running like a chicken. But when I look at myself in the mirror, before going for a run I believe that I look like what a runner looks like so automatically I want to run. Hence I feel like running. Once I started dressing better the confidence it gave me made me want to exercise.(You see where I’m going with this?)


I live in my fitness outfits. So recently when I went to Dubai and I went to the malls I only visited the sport section. My best friend, Annika got so angry she told me “Buy a dress! Embrace the feminity in you.” (I bought a dress, and skirts and things I usually wouldn’t buy.) The sportiness in me is a different kind of feminity I love, the strong kind. Because, after any workout I am filled up with immense energy and strength. I feel like a goddess warrior.The thing about Fitness clothes is if you pair it well you can wear it for almost all occasions(sadly not a wedding, maybe one day someone will come up with a new fitness wedding line, who knows!)

You can even pair leotards with cute leggings or degrees like i did! For most women, a good sports bra is as important as the right shoes. And as with shoes, no one bra is perfect for everyone






I mix my workout I run, do stairs, dance, swim and practise yoga. You workout aim shouldn’t be, to being skinny, or muscular or voluptuous or bulky those are but the fruits that will occur after the harvest. Your workout aim should be to be healthy. Everything else will fall into place. As long as you are consistent and persistent even working out an hour everyday would yield to great results IF YOU DONT GIVE UP! Wear whatever you want its your choice at the end of the day but always try and stay motivated!



This is one life you have in this body. You might as well take care of it because it’s giving you a home to live in. Might as well be a healthy one.

Much love.

Practise daily. Stay humble. Stay safe



5 thoughts on “Workout Clothes-My style to stay motivated!

  1. Hey Natasha.. So glad you writing such thoughts on the blog, they are not only inspiring but also directive of what should be done to have workout in the routine.😘. Love your work lady.


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