Self Lovin’ Thighs

I want to say welcome to my fitness progress post but actually welcome to another #truthbombmon Sidenote: These are not months apart but actually seconds apart, same day, same human and no photoshop done. ‘No heels’ one is my normal ass bombshell legs. My legs knew self love even before I did. They’re constantly touching … More Self Lovin’ Thighs


Welcome to another #truthbombmon This one is for all the humans with uteruses! Not only today, but all day everyday #SaggyBoobsMatter !!! Ive always been blessed with the boobs and I’ve always hated it! One they are big and two they have always been saggy. There are a lot of reasons why it is the … More #SaggyBoobsMatter


Hello my loves! I have cellulite much like many other humans on this planet. Yes, and In certain lighting or poses my cellulite looks better or worse but the truth is it’s very much there. The amount I have been so worried and embarrassed about this I could have invested that time in learning a … More Cellulite