Aatma Prem

“I’m not someone who falls for words Because everyone can talk, it’s easy. Anyone can make words taste like honey. So pure. So sweet.  That it can kill you.   Hell, I write!  I know how to make words cut flesh and scar your soul.  I know how to make alphabets dance to make melodies of … More Aatma Prem

Honeymoon phase 

“That phase where everything is so good. So passionate.  Where the arguments are cute.  So y’all don’t get irritated with each other.  Where there is more laughter And a lot of understanding.  A lot of teasing.  A lot of kissing.  Where y’all can’t get your hands off each other.  Or thinking about each other.  Where compliments … More Honeymoon phase 


I realise my double standards lie in the fact that I really crave intimacy so passionately but at the same time my fear of commitment is so high that I am compelled to feel like a hypocrite.  But I think it’s a process. A process of introspection and seeing what is it that you’re afraid … More Introspection 

Dear boy 

“Dear boy, I want to light up your life with my fire.  Dear boy, I want you to moan my name in every breath.  I want to consume you the whole of you till you’re left dry.  Dear boy, I want to make love till the sun comes up and again till we see the … More Dear boy 


Is not the bodies that I miss. You can always seek pleasure anywhere. That’s the easy part to get sex to fill your appetite. To satisfy your craving for lust. To feel a warm body next to you so you don’t feel lonely anymore.  But you don’t get emotional because if you get attached then … More Intimacy 


“My soul was hungry till he fed me I am open book so he read me.  You think I want your body? I’m deeper than than that, I want what keeps you alive.  But he was afraid and I could feel his void.  I could feel his pain and I understood he was so scared.  … More Release